2017 Florida Trip Information

2017 Florida Trip Information Document includes:

Trip Expectations Packet

Please take a few moments to carefully read the Expectations Packet and discuss it with your child. Student behavior expectations and trip rules are clearly described. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated and will help ensure a great trip for everyone.

You will also find a packing list, check-in information, and instructions regarding medication. Students are limited to one suitcase and one carry-on, so please pack accordingly.

The policy for prescription medication has changed from previous band trips. The band Emergency Medical Form is being amended to reflect the changes and will be sent out soon. We ask that ALL band members turn in a new EMF, even if nothing has changed since the fall.

The packet contains two other forms to be returned by Monday, March 9.

  • Parent Permission Slip (required from all students).

  • Parent Pick-up Form (for students remaining in Florida with family).

Latest Trip Itinerary

This is the latest version of our itinerary. It is substantially the same as earlier versions, but does contain a few minor tweaks.

Ticket Information and Fast Pass Instructions

Each member of the trip is assigned a Disney ticket with a unique identifying number. Students should record this number on their phones as it will help quickly replace a lost ticket. The ticket number can also be used to register for Disney Fast Passes. Instructions from the travel company are included.

The file with student (and chaperone) ticket numbers is too large to email. The list has been posted in the band room and on Charms.

Do not use another person’s ticket information.

Chaperone Assignments

We have a terrific group of chaperones for our trip and they will be meeting soon to divide up student rooms. We will inform students of their assigned chaperone during the beginning of March.

Check Your Uniform Parts!

Check now to make sure you have all of the parts of your uniform for the trip. Students will need: hat, gloves, socks, band shoes (cleaned and polished!). You will NOT need your raincoat – if it rains we will get wet.

Freshmen and Sophomores will need to remain after rehearsal on March 7 to try on their uniform to make sure everything still fits.

Junior and Senior uniform checks will be after rehearsal on March 9.

Rehearsal Reminders

  • March 7, 3-5p

  • March 9, 3-5p

  • March 14, 3-5p

  • March 16, 3-5p

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